Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Short Sale Testimony - Clients PAID $5000 By The Bank!

I've heard lots of horror stories about short sales; if you didn't get the right person things could go wrong. After trying to modify my home and getting nowhere, I finally decided I had no other options but to short sale my home. This was a difficult decision and I wanted the best person around. I wanted someone I could trust, who was understanding, knowledgeable and would work around my schedule. I was told Mike Towers was the best, so I chose him. I really appreciate Mike because he was so patient and explained everything in full, He answered any questions I had throughout the process. I talked to others doing the same thing and some expressed how they wished they would have known about Mike. Mike was able to get us $5000 to relocate, others were promised money but say they never received it because their agent forgot to do something. Thank you Mike for making this transaction as smooth as could be and for a great job done.. Mr & Mrs V*****

I strongly believe that a SHORT SALE is your best possible option if you are dealing with a frustrating mortgage! I have seen it liberate so many people and set them on the path for better home ownership, conquering debt and relieving much of the stress that was in their life! For a FREE consultation to see if a SHORT SALE or a LOAN MODIFICATION is right for you, do not hesitate to CALL ME at 661-706-6922!

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