Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I am HOT MAD right now. I just got a phone call from a new client that could only tell me her story through tears. She trusted a good for nothing rat who somehow swindled himself a real estate license. This lady was conned into paying a CA real estate agent almost $1000 A MONTH for a YEAR under the hopes he would help her keep her home. Then she and her husband were shocked when someone told them they were about to LOSE their home to foreclosure. Hopefully we can help them SHORT SALE and salvage this situation.

BOTTOM LINE: PAYING A REAL ESTATE AGENT IN ADVANCE FOR LOAN MODIFICATION SERVICES IS 100% COMPLETE AND UTTER MORTGAGE FRAUD. A real estate agent CANNOT be paid until AFTER the bank modifies your loan with a SIGNED loan modification agreement. PERIOD!

Mike Towers Mortgage Assistance Relief Services does NOT charge their clients for LOAN MODIFICATIONS until AFTER we successfully modify your loan with a written agreement from the bank. We also do not charge for SHORT SALES (we are paid by the bank).
P.S.- I will also be strongly recommending my new client to report this agent to his local board and the Department of Real Estate. Shady Agents... BE WARNED!

I strongly believe that a SHORT SALE is your best possible option if you are dealing with a frustrating mortgage! I have seen it liberate so many people and set them on the path for better home ownership, conquering debt and relieving much of the stress that was in their life! For a FREE consultation to see if a SHORT SALE or a LOAN MODIFICATION is right for you, do not hesitate to CALL ME at 661-706-6922!

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